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Dogging in Leeds

What Is Dogging?

Dogging is the modern name for Sex in Car Parks.

The name derived from husbands telling their wives they were taking the dog for a walk, then heading for the local lovers lane to watch couples making out.

Over the years the watching has developed to the dog walkers getting involved in the action, and organised meetups between groups of couples and singles for car park sex.

The phenomenon of dogging has grown greatly over the last 25-30 years. There has always been car park or other outdoor sex, but with lists such as ours being published on the internet, and the interest shown by the press, many more people have got involved.

These locations vary from lay-bys beside busy highways, car parks in country parks and forests, secluded beaches, and service stations on motorways.

Doggers love having sex with Swingers in Leeds, and will often visit different locations looking for different people.

Amongst the many reasons given by Doggers on why they indulge are:

  • The excitement of having sex with Strangers
  • They like to watch other people having sex - Voyeurs
  • They like to watch their wives have sex with lots of guys
  • They like having multiple partners - Greedy Girls
  • They like to have people watching and touching them while they have sex - exhibitionists

There is an added excitement in dogging, in that you never know who is watching, sometimes in darker locations you will not know who you are having sex with, or in some well lit locations you know you will be filmed on the CCTV cameras.

We had one girlfriend who was just 19. She loved to catch a train and visit a dogging site. After having had fun with multiple partners she would catch a train home. She would sit in the carriage with cum in her hair and clothes, and often running down her legs. She loved to watch the expressions on people faces when they worked out what she was covered with.

Dogging Safety

Remember that although dogging is fun, there are a few wierdo's involved. Please take care and follow some simple safety advice we have listed here: Dogging Safety